Houdini Minnie Reichert Séance exposure Chicago American 1926

This is a full page of a newspaper predominantly dedicated to Houdini and his Chicago exposure of Spiritualist Minnie Reich art. The photo and the story is famous. Houdini in all his glory tells the story of how he had 8 men planted in the séance and one with a flashbulb camera. The reported with the camera worked for the very paper that this is printed in. Houdini says that all hell broke loose after the flash and his men swapped the camera back and forth until they exited the house through window. At that point the guy with the camera was talked by the mediums sister. She got his hat and the camera case abut not the camera or the photo. Houdini shows in 4 photos how the mediums work. All in all great historical documentation from March 11. 1926.

Frames in a 22 by 28 frame. In good condition as shown.

(what appears to be a circular shadow is just the opening to the photo cube in which this was photographed)



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