Wayne Dobson’s this is your knife: Russian roulette with knives

Wayne’s routine in which a spectator randomly (no force) chooses a card from a selection of 6.

Knifes are shown to be sharp and dangerous except for one in which the blade retracts. The performer places the knives on a number stand (the number board is made to spring up as the challenge is being explained). The spectator reveals his number and one by one the performer removes an unchosen knife and tosses the knife into the thick board where it sticks. Eventually two knives are left. The performer tosses the unchosen one as he pushes the chosen knife into his chest. All is well as the chosen knife collapses as it is pushed. This is a great birthday party effect (lol)!

Everything is extremely well made and totally breaks down. Comes with Wayne’s video and also a force bag if you choose to do it another way. No instructions but a brief explanation will be included. You concentrate on the acting as the effect is fairly easy to perform and includes multiple safeguards.

If you are not over 18 don’t purchase. Comes complete with everything you see including a jumbo and regular set of numbered cards.  This was custom made for a professional performer and is one of a kind!



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